Skiwis Christmas

Rather a lot of snow!
The Christmas holidays started only 2 days before Christmas this year, so we decided to stay in Trondheim until the day after boxing day, after which we had several ideas for trips up our sleeves. This year (unlike last year) the best ski and snow conditions by far was actually in Trondheim itself, the rest of Norway didn't have much snow. So we canceled our plan to visit Sjusjoen again near Lillehammer, and decided to head somewhere more local instead.

The week before we had a wonderful early Christmas dinner with Helen and Ally - we had a really fun evening, with some little presents, some delicious food and wine, some whiskey and most of all some great company.

The days leading up to Christmas were really cold, around -19 on Thursday and -15 on Friday. Nevertheless we got out for a really nice ski both days, the trails around Bymarka were in great condition and we could track (and chase) the groomer using the GPS tracker on the brilliant website.

After our night ski on Christmas eve Chris had some beautiful eyelashes!

Once Chris was looking at our laptop and saw on the screen the groomer was out on the trail just below our house, and then looking out the window we saw the lights of the groomer heading across the Kyvannet bridge, cool! We put our skis on and raced out the door after the huge machine.

On Christmas day we opened some nice wee parcels in the morning, skyped home and then headed out for a ski with our new Czech friends Paja and Tomas and their friend Anders. We were all skating and it was a fast paced ski for me, I spent all the time way out the back. Never mind, it was really fun, we skied out to Elgsethytta, down to Grønlia via Storheia and back through Lian to our place - a solid 2.5 hours skiing and a good way to get a really good appetite for Christmas dinner.

Tomas, Chris and me from the flagpole at Lian, Christmas day

Tomas, Anders, me and Paja just after a quick stop at Elgsethytta

The evening was pretty low key with yummy roast veggies and fish. The next day we went out to Klaebu and round the Jonsvannet to ski in a new spot with Paja and Tomas. It was nice rolling terrain, a lot less demanding than the usual Bymarka hills.

Unfortunately the wee cafe shown on the map was not open so we all ate muesli bars and jumped around trying to keep warm. After that it was home for a hot shower and pack for a week away in the hills!


Fly fishing said…
Your photographs reflects the fun you had.Skeeing on christmas eve is a great idea.

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