Kårvatn - Norges Cup Randonnee Race

Chris is the red person furthest away in the third row - you can just see a little of him

Just a quick post to update you on last weekends activities - a trip to Kårvatn for the first in te Norwegian Cup Randonnee Race Series. There were races on both days which Chris planned to compete in. I was planning a more relaxed version skiing in the 'recreational' category on Saturday with Line, and going for a fun excursion up the hillside on Sunday with Ally, Paja, Tomas and Line.

Chris just before he races up the hill

Chris loved the race on Saturday - 2 times 1000m ascent and descent back to back. The fastest guy took a crazy 49 minutes up and 6 minutes down! Then he repeated a similar time the second loop around. Chris's times were pretty respectable and he managed to beat and scare quite a few Nowegians. He was up in 57 minutes and down in 10! Not bad for an old one (-:

Line and I finally make it to the top of the climb

We went out for a really funky dinner on a farm on Saturday night. The restaurant was this kind of renovated wooden barn thing - all the meat eaters got to eat a special kind of local cow, while I got a yummy fish dish - it was a really nice evening.
Dinner at a cool wooden farm house
The terrible real seal skins - Chris is never allowed to have these ones

On Sunday there was a 'two person teams race, Chris raced with a speedy Norwegian who kept him on his toes. In the meantime our little group skied up valley and explored a spectacular frozen waterfall. We then skied higher up the hillside and found an amazing old hut where they apparently used to store the hay during winter and would come up on horses to retrieve it when supplies got low down in the valley.
Chris sets off on day two with Olav

The frozen waterfall
The little hay hut we discovered

From the hut we enjoyed some nice powder descent back down to the farmstead. Then it was time to pack up and hit the very ice road back to Trondheim - the temperatures had risen a lot and it was raining, creating dangerous ice every where, yuck! Luckily we made it home safely.

There are a few more photos on my picasa web album:

Kårvatn Norges Cup Randonnee Race


Kate Pedley said…
Awesome! Looks a lot of fun and enjoyed the photos - the one of that little hut is stunning!! :)

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