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Attack of the Snow Monster!

After Christmas was over and we had fed oursleves on lots of chocolates and other delicious goodies Chris and I decided it was time to venture into the mountains to find some real snow! We hired a wee bubble blue car and set out into heavy snowfall. The land was quickly turning from white to whiter, if that is possible?

We set out first to meet with Aaron and Sara and their friends in a place called Grövelsjön just over the Norwegian border in Sweden. We drove through the dark on the snowy roads to arrive at their place just in time before the New Year's Eve dinner. We had created an apple pie to accompany Aaron's pavlova...we were going for a Kiwi themed desert as it turned out.

We had a wonderful feast then most of the 16 guests headed out onto the road to join in a large group of candle holding people heading towards the little upper carpark to see in the New Year. It was snowing heavily adding to the atmosphere. After a countdown there was a good wee fireworks display and we…