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Brazil - Ecomotion World Adventure Race Champs

Long awaited, here finally is our Brazil blog entry! Having spent a weekend 'training' up at James' (Kiwi living in Sweden owning kayak company) place in Dala Floda we organised our gear and caught an early morning flight out from Stockholm airport.

We flew through Lisboa, then on to Fortaleza. Fortaleza greeted us hot and steamily - and a dismembered leg lying in the middle of the road from a car crash just outside the airport didn't help the unbalanced feeling you always get upon arrival in Brazil. We taxied to our hotel and gratefully discovered a supermarket right next door to do team shopping - it was dark and venturing far out into the city was not an exciting prospect.

At 5.30 am we caught the taxi back to the airport and to get the race organised bus to Jericoacoara (about 7 hours north of Fortaleza). We met Orion there, they had spent the last 4 days in Fortaleza and confirmed it was not the nicest of places to stay. After 5 hours on the bus through blistering h…