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Pumpkin man gets snowy!

This morning I woke up to find poor pumpkin man looking rather white and chilly! We had planned to go away this weekend and do some mountain biking and last minute long run training for Chris before the rogaine world champs in 2 weeks time.

This plan went out the window as soon as we looked out of ours, so instead Chris is currently charging around Bymarke through the snow. I ran up the hill some way with him, we were just running up through the forest when we came across a whole moose family! They nonchalantly ambled off into the snowy trees. Chris is then running on to Ally's place - Ally will do the last part of the run with him.
Before he went out for his run we spent some time clearing the piles of snow off our car and putting on our spikey winter tires. I was enjoying jacking the car up and down. Chris got to do the fun part when it started snowing again:

Tomorrow we think it will definitely be time to head out on the fjell skis - it is supposed to keep snowing tonight, so cond…


I have never carved a pumpkin before, so both Chris and I were very excited about this one which I made at school. On Friday night Kristof and Maria came over for dinner, so I welcomed them with the pumpkin man!

In the doorway behind the pumpkin is Ally and me.

Halloween makes a lot more sense here, it is getting very dark now and all the leaves have gone from the trees. The clocks went back on Saturday night, so it getting dark by 4.30 now. We went for a nice run in the forest on Saturday - Helen had organised a 'handicap' orienteering training (and just for the record, I won out of me, Chris and Ally (-: )

Chris and I did a good mountain bike ride on Sunday, around the back of Bymarke on a mixture of 4WD road and single track. The ice spikers work pretty well in the mud.

Happy Halloween! Em.