Good Godzone Prep! The Takahe Traverse

Earlier in the day, after frantic packing in Queenstown, we had received our certificate of 'didymo checked' from the DOC office in Te Anau. The water taxi man eyed the certificate suspiciously. He looked at us sternly, clearly unconvinced by our humongous packs, running shoes and light hearted banter. He wanted to know our intentions... "George Sound...ish," Chris brushed over.
We watched the scenery whizz by from the taxi. Blurred bush, steep sided fiords, distant tops and the odd towering cliff band zoomed past us. "Weather forecast isn't good," mumbled the boat driver. Fortunately we knew our trip was flexible, we had some ambitious plans, but not a set goal, we just wanted to explore.
Unloading from the taxi proved tricky, heaving the packs up the ladder and passing them down to the shore. Team work helped... and fortunately no one fell in. As the boat driver made to leave he glared at us standing cheerily on the beach, "You take care out the…

The Infinity Packrafting Loop

The BeginningThis adventure came about from dreams of exploring a wild fiordland coast line, several newly acquired packrafts and an amazing looking place called the 'Red Mountain'. All of these places seemed like most excellent places to visit and so after a bit of Internet research about people’s previous experiences and much google earth and topo-map studying we had a plan sketched out that we came to term “The Infinity Loop” based on it’s shape.

So we had a trip and a group of keen individuals – Matt and La, Georgia, Chris and myself and Tim and Steph who would start with us then cut off a few days early.
Post Christmas a weather window opened that was okay, not brilliant, but good enough for us. A solid day of organising and equipment chaos then took place as we tried to whittle our gear down enough to have 8 – 9 days of food, room for packrafts, life jackets, paddles, tents, cookers and so on. Finally we decided we were ready as our packs were full to the brim and couldn’…