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Its Ski O time!

I just did 3 new posts - this one is a little rambling so if you are not into orienteering puff or reading Emily's mad long posts check out the other two entries below this one, they have some cool pictures and are more short and sweet.

But if you stick with me you are a really dedicated fan (-: So.... another week went by in Trondheim with excellent ski conditions providing us many more days entertainment - AND - we also spent time doing more normal things like:

1. Chris looking for work, visiting NTNU, a career fair, various lecturers and companies
2. Emily visiting her new job and hoping to get some hours there!
3. Emily spending many hours waiting at the Police station to get her Residency Permit.
4. Attending O training with Wing on Monday night
5. Chris going to interval training on a Wednesday (a regular occurrence now - gasp!)
6. Emily learning to knit at the 'knit group' she was asked to join (-:
7. Buying more food supplies (a continual battle) from the local supermarket…

Bymarka: an adventure from our front doorstep!

It was the Tuesday after we got back from our weekend spent frolicking on Storhornet in the Oppdal mountains and ski conditions in Bymarka were too good to resist. So we set out to conquer the '3 peaks' with the sun shining down upon us.

After a five minute walk from our place we hopped on the 'Skistua' bus for 15mins to reach the base of the GrĂ¥kalen skifield. Our first goal was GrĂ¥kalen, a rounded peak with a small downhill ski field on it. The powder was sooo fresh as we trudged up to the summit to admire the blob observatories on top.

We struggled back down through heavy snow and average skiing abilities, then scooted across the frozen lake and on to our next summit - Bosbergheia. This was a lumpy top and provided some beautiful views across the fjord. The trees were dripping with fresh blue snow. Unfortunately Chris and I had some debate as to which peak here was actually the summit!

So on to the final and highest point - Storheia (stor = big). We had to walk up this…

Atop Storhornet

Last weekend we set out for another ski tour adventure with our Scottish friend Ally, who has recently purchased himself a shiny pair of Randonee skis. We had borrowed some more heavy weight classic skis and boots from a friendly Norwegian we met at the bus stop. We took off on Friday night to Oppdal, which is about 1.5 hours drive from Trondheim.

We skied in to a cozy hut called Gjevilvashytta and spent the night there with some friendly Norwegians and a Belgian from NTNU university. Ally had an interesting time skinning in on the prepared trail while we zipped along on our skinny skis - however the tables would be turned the following day on our decent of Storhornet where some randonee skis were just the ticket!

In the morning we skied back to the car and drove to the base of Storhornet.

We skied up through the trees, then above them onto the snowy slopes towards the summit. The sun was shining through the clouds and we got a great view of the valley below. After 3 hours we reached the…