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Too Fun in the Two Thumb

A dastardly Westerly flow crept across the Island last week, causing us to abandon our exciting plans for skiing on the glaciers around the divide. We would have to stick far east as possible... we thought about heading for the Kaikouras, but unsure about snow conditions there we decided maybe the Two Thumb Mountains which lie between the Rangitata River and Lake Tekapo (and as they are slightly lower and slightly east of the the divide are not generally as exposed to the Norwest weather) were the more reliable bet.

So we spent most of a day scheming and planning on a loop which would carry us on ski and by foot around the Two Thumb Peaks themselves. We left late on Tuesday and drove down to Mesopotamia where we camped. The weather was beautiful in the morning (as predicted) and views up to a very snow clad Cloudly Peak were impressive. We were optimistic about the amount of snow around.

We started up towards Black Birch Creek, crossing paddocks and deer fences with packs festooned w…

Wedding Anniversary!

Chris and I celebrated our first Wedding Anniversary last weekend, and it was rather fitting that we were up at another wedding in the mountains, at one of our favourite spots - Mt Potts Station in the upper Rangitata River. The wedding was great, a mountain rogaine in fresh powder snow followed by a ceremony in the most spectacular setting you can imagine!

We drank mulled wine and got great views up valley towards Cloudy Peak. We schemed more exciting adventures to be had up that way and shared stories of adventures already had.

The following day Matt, La, Chris and I drove up to Mt Potts from Lake Clearwater where we had been staying. There was a thick blanket of cloud in the valley and all the mountains were shrouded in dark cloud. Everyone else had gone home already and feeling a little groggy from the all the mulled wine and dancing the night before, we were a little bit uninspired to go climbing mountains and the washing at home was almost calling us!!!!!

Luckily we held strong…

Icicles and Powder Bogs in the Rockburn (ski tramping doesn't always result in skiing)

Inspired after our amazing weekend at Barker Hut Chris and I were eager for another adventure and the school holidays plus a very fine high sitting right over the country meant it was time to go. As well as that we had another two keen beans to join us - Georgia was excited about coming after spending the last week stuck at work. John (Chris's bro) managed through some intensive last minute organisation to get flights down to Christchurch for the following day.

The pressure was on and we ummed and ahhed about what to do - weather on our side.... daylight not... glaciers not... The Poseidon Ski Tramp was dreamed up. An ambitious trip, we would head down to the Rockburn. A considerable amount of gear flaff and driving later we found ourselves parked at the start of the Routeburn Track. The snowy peaks surrounded us and even mid afternoon the temperature was cold.

We headed up valley, laden with skis, tents, glacier gear and much more. The forest was a winter wonderland with icicles…