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WOC 2009

I can't see Chris getting round to updating my blog with a WOC post any time soon, so I have decided to do a wee one for him, even though I have been watching all the way from my comfy couch in Trondheim! It has been very exciting to follow this year's World Orienteering Champs in Miskloc, Hungary.

Being in the same time zone has made it possible to watch the races live, even though I have mostly seen it via the silly 'live commentary' and 'live results' thing available on the event website. I have had some regular skype sessions with Chris, so I have been able to catch up on the latest gossip. Overall Chris has been stoked with how he has gone - managing to qualify for the finals in all three

He was 34th in the middle final, which he has never run before. The middle was technically challenging, and temperatures were pretty warm! The team had a rest day, then Chris and Ross both qualified for the sprint final.

Jam up on the last control

They had to run through a…

Swiss O Week

Our time in Slovenia was over, so we caught the awful 'Euronights' train (that was absolutely jam packed) across the border through Austria and on the Switzerland. Apparently it was Swiss National Day, which seemed to mean the Austrians were all having a crazy big party too!

We arrived in the town of Schwyz after changing trains in Zurich. Schwyz is a very pretty old town with the original Victorinox factory, and evidently was actually the place where Switzerland as a country was conceptualized (Schwyzerland...).

We were so tired we pitched our tent on the lawns and fell asleep. A few hours later we were awakened by the crashing of thunder and pouring rain - just great for a sprint event! So we took to the streets and had an enjoyable dash around the old town. My brain was still half asleep so that made the orienteering even a little more challenging than usual.

Emily in usual orienteering pose

Chris, Emily and Seline at the finish

After the short prize giving in the town centre …

Triglav National Park, Slovenia

Attention: this is a long post. I thought about this a bit. Should my posts be shorter? Then I decided, who cares! I am writing them for my own record anyway, so I will just do what I like. If you want a bigger selection of pictures without a brilliant story visit my web album, otherwise happy reading (-:

The OO Cup was over and it was time for some real adventure. We took down our tents from Graiski Park campground and boarded the bus to Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. Unfortunately we had no time for a wander (it is supposed to be very pretty) as we had a further train to catch up to Jesenice.
Cris tried very hard to catch us some dinner!

From Jesenice we caught a connecting train around the famous shores of Lake Bled (a beautiful lake with a wee island with a church on top of it), up to Lake Bohinj. A Slovenian kindly drove us from the station to the campground, which was so chocka blocka we opted for the free forest instead.

In the morning Chris had to run back to the town to buy…