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Godzone 2015

In October Chris raced the World Champs in Ecuador and won with Team Seagate. Following a race is always a good way to get a bit motivated, and I felt inspired to challenge myself in Godzone 2015, especially given the awesome mountain location of Wanaka. But I was teamless and I wondered if I would get the chance...

In December teams started to lose members and suddenly I found myself with several potential teams. After a bit of indecision I joined Team Chimpanzee Bar - with Greig Hamilton and Milan Brodina and after a bit of further hunting, Rob Creasy. Rob had never done anything like Godzone before, but had a strong athletic background in Ironman and triathlon. Greig and I go way back on mountain missions, and Milan has lots of good adventure racing experience behind him. I was nervous about how it would be racing with a new team, but very excited as well.

We spent a weekend together before the race and got on really well, with similar expectations and motivations. So, on Thursday…