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Flying Beasties

I have been really slack at updating my blog since we moved down to Queenstown... I have got several trips I would like to write up and have sitting in my 'drafts' but I just haven't had time at all.

Strangely enough, when I ever do have a chance to blog it tends to be school holidays...which is when I am mostly off doing trips! So the result is = no blogging.

Anyway, enough of a rant I thought I would tell you a little story about a flying beastie from the weekend.

So, Chris and I headed up to Coronet and skied for a bit until the field shut, at which point we headed up the slopes on our skins. Chris has recently acquired a 'flying beastie' otherwise known as a drone. This is strictly for mapping and financial purposes (according to him). Most people would spend some time learning how to fly one of these things in a nice park, before taking it up onto the mountain, with wind and cloud swirling around and the potential for disaster...imminent.

Not Chris though. Th…

The Tara Tama 'Cruise'

After a busy finish to the year, organising our annual "Christmas Rogaine" and finishing off the school year, we felt it would be only appropriate to squeeze in a pre Christmas adventure. The forecast was looking great and we had a few keen beans to join us - Chris's Dad Ian, our excellent adventure companion from way back Crispin and our orienteering mate and all round keen bean Georgia.

This was actually Georgia's trip, with a fewer minor 'amendments' by Chris (ie. make it longer, harder, more mountains etc) and was sold to me as a 'nice and cruisey' given that my knee is still in a bad way and I have been resting it for the past few months. We drove up to Arthurs, leaving later than expected as Cris only flew down from Nelson at 6.30pm that day, and managed to organise a night at Geoff and Wendy's lovely bach (this bach also has a spa!).

In the morning the last of the front was still lingering at the pass, so we lay in bed gazing up at the bea…