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Tio Mila!

Right, well I am getting a bit behind with my postings, but I have been busy! So this post is for the weekend before last when I along with 14 other of my Wing OK clubmates headed to Skåne for Tio Mila - one of the biggest annual orienteering relays in the world with approximatly 10 000 runners. For all my non O geek readers this post may not be a dazzler, but read on anyway...maybe you will get inspired (-:

The Gist: The mens race starts at 9pm, there are 10 men per team and each runner heads out as soon as the previous returns until the last runner returns at around 9 oclock the following morning. The women's race is the previous day, held entirely in the daylight and there are 5 runners on the team.

We flew to Rygga airport (near Oslo) on Friday morning, then hired cars and drove further South and into Sweden. Chris and I drove to the Eliteseries Sprint race where we met up with Øystein and Elise. Those three all competed in the sprint race while I spectated (the series title giv…

Springtime in Scotland

We just got back from England and Trondheim was no longer a snowy place! The green grass is showing everywhere and small buds are appearing on all the trees. It is a wonderful thing seeing spring in Norway.

This photo shows the thaw beginning a few weeks back in Trondheim, look at the pretty blue lake!

We left for Scotland over a week ago via the horrible overnight bus down to Oslo. On Saturday morning we arrived in Oslo and wandered through the grey cold city. We visited Frogner park and all its interesting sculptures, then sat in a warm cafe for many hours. At 2 oclock we caught the Ryanair 3 hour bus trip to Oslo Torp Airport (nowhere near Olso!) then flew across the ocean to Glasgow.

Frogner Park with its funky statues

We arrived in Glasgow to clear skies, a very fresh breeze, and some lovely daffodils. We caught the train to Mark and Sylvia's and we were so excited (we were starving) to be welcomed with a wonderful meal (home made bread, pumpkin soup, veggie haggis and neeps, a…