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Påske Adventures

Easter holidays arrived along with one Cris Lovely all the way from Germany where he has been hanging out on a ski field speaking German and hiring out ski boots for the last 3 months. The first couple of days we spent in Trondheim having fun at the climbing gym and going out for dinner, as well as inflicting some cross country skiing on Cris.
Cris out for a taste of Norwegian langlauf
We had a couple of very fine warm days, so the snow was slushy but still ok for skiing. Over the first weekend of the holidays we caught a bus to the Tydal area (about 2 hours from Trondheim) and skiied into the Græssli hytte, this being our third visit into that cozy little hut. The weather wasn't great so we just mucked around on Sunday and did some 'ski runs' up and down the hill making use of our skins and nice new randonee equipment.

Blue berry pies were eaten at the Bare Blåbaer cafe, mmmmm
Chris had to work until Wednesday, then we packed up our gears and piled it all into a rental car o…

New Zealand!

In February (I am a bit out of date with this post!) I took visit to New Zealand to see all my friends and family again because it has been ages since I have seen them and thought a trip to the Kiwi summer would also be a nice break from the chilly Norwegian winter. As is often the way because I was back 'home' I forgot about taking lots of photos! So I don't have so many to share, never mind, I had a wonderful time and caught up with heaps of friends while there.

Chris posted his Portugal trip up on the blog while I was hanging out in NZ. After a series of very long flights through Dubai, Bankok and Sydney it was very strange to suddenly be back home in the land where everyone speaks with a Kiwi accent! The day after I arrived back Mum and Dad were organising a club orienteering event at Halswell Quarry so I was immediately put to work helping out with that.

Later that week I headed down to Tekapo with Neroli (my sister) where she and Ash have been living over the summer. …