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Fish, saunas, skis and seas - Lyngen continued

Our fantastic 'Rorbu' in Koppangen

We still had 5 days in Lyngen to explore and enjoy the fantastic peaks. The days flew past, each day we had a different adventure and before we could really stop to reflect again we were winding our way back along the rainy highway into Tromsø to catch our flight back to Trondheim on Easter Monday - bound for the realities of work the following day.

Since then the weeks have flown by, spring has truly sprung in Trondheim and the snowy summits of Tromsø seem far away. But I will always remember that magic place and our amazing Rorbu in Koppangen and the days skiing from snowy tops right down to the lapping shores of the fjords.

Below I have written a little story about each of the peaks we climbed. We calculated that by the end of the week we had climbed (and skied down) over 9000m!

The fish (~ 35 cm)
This looks a lot like the one I am talking about

Well, this wasn't actually a mountain. Rather an incident. I went out onto the jetty to watch All…

Journey to Lyngen Alps

Climbing up towards Tafeltinden - Day 4

Friday afternoon and school was out! We were off to Tromso, then further north to spend 10 days in the Lyngen Alps. We flew from Trondheim in nice spring weather, to arrive very bumpily into Tromso airport in 4 degrees and driving rain. We were questioning our decision to come north.

We located our 7 seater hire car and dropped Tim and Ally off at their comfy hotel, before heading back to the airport to collect Cris and find some bushes to camp in. By the time we found somewhere suitably grovelly to camp the rain had turned to snow, and we put up our tent and the three of us crammed in. It was a rather damp night - but it was free.

We met Tim and Ally in the morning (they were pretty happy because they had found a great techno party the night before) and we hung out in their hotel as the snow came down thick and fast. After that we decided to drive north, take the ferry across to the Lyngen peninsula . Shortly after the ferry crossing we parked the…

The Galdhøpiggrennet

When: Weekend April 9 and 10, 2011

What: Galdhøpiggrennet - a race up and down Galdhøpiggen (highest mount in Norway) on skis or for most people entered a telemark race straight down, no up part.

Where: We stayed in our little tent in strong winds at Spiterstulen - a big, historic DNT hut is also there where you can stay for some $$$. We chose just to hang out there after the race and take the cheaper option of camping on the other side of the river with all the other poor/cheap people.

Not so great points: The weather was crappy so we could only do a short course, about 500m up to a random point on the mountain side, then back down again as fast as you can on randonnee skis, then repeat.
By the time I finished the race my legs felt quite jellofied.
Chris was late starting his race due to poor organisation resulting in a little bit unsatisfying result.

Chris spies things from the top
Great points: There was only me doing the girl's randonne race so I won an awesome pink Goretex jacket! W…