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Spring melt water makes for impressive whitewater
Disclaimer: If you have had enough of the words snow, mountains, lemmings, skiing etc then read no further! (-:

Yes, it was to be another snowy weekend in the mountains. We had three days because of 'Himmelfarts' day so we took off on Thursday evening heading South through Oppdal and then along the road which leads to the Troll Wall. Before we reached that however, we hung a left into the Tafjordfjella mountains.

The spring rivers were running very high and there was some spectacular whitewater on the drive in. We found a grassy spot by the river to put up our Quechua 'ten second tent' and had a nice sleep with some little baa-ing sheep for company.
Sheep on the road into Tafjordfjella

The following morning we put all our ski equipment on our packs and headed up the hillside. Clouds were hanging fairly low in the valley. After no more than one hours walking and one convenient snow bridge crossing we were already at the point…