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Det regner ut!

Translation: It's raining outside! That has been a very recurring theme these past weeks. The leaves are turning yellow, orange and red and the rain is coming down in bucketloads! All this falling water has driven me to purchase these lovely new 'støvler' (gum boots).

However, as I sit and write this post the sun is shining down upon Bymarke making a very pleasant view outside my window. Chris has just won the yellow jersey in the Tour de Trondheim orienteering competition taking place on the other side of Bymarke right now. This information I have gleened from the brilliant technology of the cell phone - a technology Chris has only recently come to possess! But how nice it can be (-:

Chris and I have both been vey busy with work lately. (Some people may wish to print this post out so that that comment can be preserved for prosterity). Nevertheless, last weekend (and a few days prior to it) Chris found time to travel to the Norwegian National Champs taking place in Ålen, abo…