The Relay

The time had come round for the relay and I was pretty excited about the prospect of becoming a man in the men's relay team! Chris was our first rider and set off to a flying start. He zoomed around the course and at the midway point had taken the lead! However his tactic to bush bash directly to a control rather than take an easy track lost him the lead. He then had a head on collision with a fellow rider, but in typical Chris style still came in only 1.5 minutes behind the leading pack. Greg followed with a good ride too, and suddenly it was my turn to head out.

I had decided my strategy was to ‘man up’ as Georgia put it: involving going hard out, making plenty of grunting noises, sweating a lot and swearing whenever I felt necessary. This strategy proved extremely successful and I thoroughly enjoyed my ride. I hooned around the first 5 controls dropping several females...they were no longer my competition. Then through some strange twist of fate exactly the same control that Chris had bungled sucked me into its trap and I bush bashed for a solid 5 minutes before relocating. Luckily instead of panicking I put my foot down and went for it.

The highlight was the final loop after the spectator control; I set my sights on the Hungarian man who was not far in front. Exiting the second to last control he hesitated, so I took my chance and burned past him…knowing all along he had no idea I was his rival! A great tactical diversion.

After an energetic party that evening the World MTBO champs were over. Chris was a little thirsty....

And Viv decided to grow an afro...

The team had had some great results. I felt I didn’t necessarily achieve the results I had hoped for but I learned heaps and am super inspired to get out there and do some more. So unsurprisingly is Chris!

Here are some photos from the week:
The girls out training

The Kiwi contingent

Some action during the sprint as we gave Chris another wheel to ride with

The 'oldies' compare post race notes

Is that washing or do I see a cabin there?

Delicious blue swimming pool

Emily and Kath in Warsaw before we leave for Sweden


CrispNZ said…
Hi Em,

I hope you are enjoying your new life as a man. It sounds like quite a change. Perhaps you will need a new name also. I suggest Alfred or perhaps Chris. I think Chris is a good name as it would avoid confusion when you and Chris hang out... Well perhaps not. Anyway, we have enjoyed reading about the ups and downs of your recent racing career.

The wine flows freely at Domett St. And thesis progress is non existent. Summer is coming and will ruin any chance of me leaving university in a shorter time than Chris did. Luckily as I said the wine flows freely at Domett St.

Have fun,

Kate Pedley said…
Hi guys!
Awesome adventures as always - looks like you have been super busy! Well done on all the mountain biking - I'm sure you learnt heaps - you can only get better! Please pass on my congrats and best wishes to Sara and Aaron for their wedding :)
Dave and I are heading your way next year for about 5 months so maybe we'll meet up somewhere?!
Hugs, Kate

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