Returning to Down Under

We felt right at home flying into Tasmania, over green pastures and small sunny towns. After landing in Launceston airport we rented a hire car and made a beeline for the local bakery and a delicious vegie pie! Such a delicious pastry and so unattainable in the rest of the world (-:

We took our car into the Walls of Jerusalem National Park, which backs on to the well known Cradle Mountain NP. We had two days to fill in before the rest of Chris's adventure racing team arrived - so we decided to head into the bush for an overnight tramp. The fog was hanging very low and it felt like rain was on its way as we wound up through the bush, passing through Eucalyptus forest filled with amazing tree ferns!
Chris amongst the ferns

We made our way up to Chapter lake on a very small and forgotten track. The lake is beautiful, densely crowded by thick bush with delicate falls cascading off a small rock outcrop. We had a little feast to cook up - including some good old corn-on-the-cob.

A very atmospheric Chapter Lake

The following day was very rainy and little brown leeches wriggled at us on the forest floor. We were entirely unperturbed because we thought they were friendly little worms - even when Chris found one had wiggled all the way up his pants!

We drove to Burnie, spotting a beautiful echidna (or spiny ant eater) along the way. That evening the rest of team Seagate arrived - it was great to be hanging out with Kiwis again. We went to bed that night feeling excitement and anticipation for the race to come.

A friendly echidna


The picture of the lake is very amazing..I think i must plan my next visit to Tasmania for fishing.

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