One Sunny Day in Sunndalsøra

This was supposed to be our last weekend in Norway, or so we thought. We had decided we better spend it somewhere cool with some cool people. Beautiful Sunndalsøra about 2 hours drive from Trondheim with our great trip buddies Helen and Ally seemed like a perfect plan.

Of course we were already in a mad scramble trying to organise ourselves to leave Norway over the previous month, since we have been back from France.

We also fitted in a crazy Friday night mountain bike adventure with Tim and Ally up Vassfjellet and some weekday orienteering. We flew down to Oslo for the Norwegian Orienteering Nationals, Helen did a nice write up of that on her blog.

I got a bit carried away with the delicious blue berries on the way up Dronningkrona

The day was amazing, one of the crispiest, clearest days I have ever had here. Helen and I make our way carefully up the loose and freshly snow covered boulders.

We found a nice little house on the way up with a sunny porch to sit and admire the view

Looking down the back side of Dronningkrona to the glacier below. The early autumn snow had fallen quite low on the hillsides, further down the trees were still golden and red.

We descended beside the glacier via the route which Chris (aka Garmin Bear) was sure would be better than our ascent route. Much to our sceptisim it actually was!

The boys striking a pose!

The descent was pretty long and steep (Dronningkrona is 1816) - although we didn't quite make the top because we were worried it would become dark before we got down! The evening sunset on the Sunndalsfjord was beautiful.

We drove around the fjord and installed ourselves in the local DNT hut Brandstadbu. The hut was a really nice one, in the forest and a perfect cosy size. We had a yummy dinner including polishing off some tasty port.

On Sunday Ally and Chris had to run back up to the little hut from the previous day -Ally accidentally left his fancy camera up there! Camera safely retrieved, we returned to Trondheim from our fun weekend trip to face the maelstrom of packing our flat and organising for our departure to New Zealand via Nepal.....


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