South with Mum and Dad

Mum and Dad arrived in Trondheim on June 25th, and Chris and I picked them up from the airport after Chris had completed his last training run for the Meråker Extreme Challenge. He had set out from Bjørneggen at 6.30 am and run for 8 hours over the Southern part of the course including Fongen. I met him at a wee cabin in the mist most of the way through the run and we finished the last three peaks together.
Running up Vålåkleppen in the amongst the clouds

It was great to see Mum and Dad and we drove excitedly home to our place in Trondheim. We spent the first few days mucking around here, visiting the town and exploring in the forest as well as some swimming of course! Then Mum, Dad and I headed away on a trip through Jotunheimen, Geiranger and finishing with a tramping trip near Åndalsnes. We had a great trip despite the mixed weather. I have put a lot of photos up on my picassa album and there are captions which tell a little story of our adventure. I had so many pictures I decided this was a nicer way of telling this trip.

Anyway, enough puff, this should be a captioned slideshow:

If you click on the slideshow I think it will also link through to the album.

After we came back from this trip we were very busy organsing to head up to Meråker for the Extreme Race, so we didn't have long to wash and dry our gear before we piled in the car and headed on to Meråker for the next adventure.


Frances said…
Life is one amazing adventure after another with you two! We enjoyed every moment, even the almost-lost-in-the-mist ones and the sightings of invisible puffins.

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