Chris does a mega run

In preparation for this crazy race: which Chris has been persuaded to compete in July he thought he had better do some running. 100km sounded like a gentle ease in, don't you think?

Problem was I had a bad cold on Friday, and wasn't up to much on Saturday morning, so we lounged around, organising stuff and generally mucking about. Then it was 4 pm and we decided we had better get going.

So, we drove to Oppdal and he ran while I cycled about 20km and 700m climb into Orkdalshytte on a high plateau beside the Orkdalsj√łen (lake). We arrived at the hut at about 10pm, and were eating dinner round midnight.....the em and chris timetable in its full glory!

Chris on the run in to the hut

Cycling across the plateau with a heavy pack
Arriving at the hut in the evening mist

We slept in late. Of course! We were tired from being up so late the night before. A sprinkling of new snow on the tops with the sun peaking through rolling clouds was very tempting. Chris was tempted, he still wanted to attempt his massive run. Hmmmmm.

We stashed our overnight gear at the hut and headed out by 12.30. It was a long way, a very long way. We were on a gravel track till we reached a lake where we had a little stop, then we both had to walk for about an hour along the lake shore. I met a lady and had an entertaining conversation using my bad Norwegian, she thought we were totally mad and told us not to go on.

In the early stages of the run
It snowed for a while, then hailed
We went on. It snowed for about an hour, then it was brilliantly sunny, then it hailed. It was absolutely beautiful scenery, little colorful farmsteads dotted amongst snowy peaks, glistening lakes and yellow open hillsides.

Morning with sun and new snow on the hills
Chris pops out of the hut after breakfast

Chris runs beside a lake

One of the pretty farms along the way

Chris started to get a bit tired and our pace slowed. Time crept on and we were feeling pressured to make it back to the hut to pick up our stuff. Eventually we were close, so I decided to ride ahead and pick up our gear. Chris caught me up, we got our gear and slowly started on our way down to Oppdal.

Chris was feeling very sore and tired now, so I gave him the big pack and hooned ahead on my mountain bike. I got back down to the car finally at 10 pm, zoomed back up the hill to pick up one very sore but still jogging Chris and we drove home to Trondheim for midnight sandwiches and work early the next morning. Now I can definitely say we deserve the title of this blog!

Two sillies


Anne said…
Silly, silly billies!
Ed said…
Running 100Km seems like a worthy (albeit very silly) mission. But running along a road... it's just not very imaginative! Really Chris what has happened to the two of you there in Norway?
Kim said…
I remember our nearly midnight dinner with you both - I think the fact it was light outside made it feel like it was still early!
As for the 100km run - nutter! Much more prefer the mountain bike option : )
Cris said…
You're both crazy. Very good...

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