Ski WOC Day 2

Chris races in through the driving snow in the middle distance today

Driving home last night we encountered extreme wind and whirling snow - it was representative of the day to come! In the morning it was still snowing heavily and we put on extra layers under our ski suits so we didn't freeze in the blasting winds.Chris just after he finished

Chris says about his race: "Good, it was great fun and I was pleased not to make any big mistakes. The snowy conditions made it very hard to see causing me to crash several times, but it increased the navigational challenges which possibly benefited me. Now I am looking forward to the team sprint with sexy pants tomorrow." Chris ended up in 47th place.

I had a bit of a frustrating time in the forest, I find ski orienteering challenging enough without throwing in snow blasting in your face so you can't see and all the tracks disappear. I got quite lost on my way to control 3, I was standing in a field and I couldn't see a thing! I found a road and relocated, but then went to control 9 instead of 6, so that got me really confused! Never mind, eventually I finished in 42nd spot.In the 'warm room' after the race

Tomorrow is the mixed relay so that will be fun, we just hope the weather might improve, at the moment it is still a blasting blizzard outside.


steve said…
Can you please make sure you post pictures of Chris's sexy pants.
Greig said…
What are these sexy ski dresses Helen is going on about? There definitely needs to be pictures.
Frances said…
Hmmm your friends have one-track minds...excellent nowhere-near-last results both of you!

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