Finland - Sweden - Norway

After our exciting time in Finland we headed to Stockholm and stayed in the newly built 'castle' in the forest belinging to Alistair and Juliette. Todd and Lizzie were also going to compete in the World Cup sprint race in the old town of Stockholm.

We had a fun day out in the sun enjoying spectating the orienteering - unfortunatly all the Kiwis missed out in qualifying - Lizzie by only a matter of seconds. The next day we parted ways and Chris and I headed off to spend several relaxing days in Gothenberg at Aaron and Sara's house. Sadly they were not there though - they had already headed away on their summer holiday.

We enjoyed exploring the forest with some orienteering maps and swimming and kayaking in the lakes in their racing kayaks - thanks guys! Then we headed to Gjorvik back in Norway for the O Festivalen and the last round of the world cup.

We arrived at an old house in Gjorvik filled with the friendly Irish team and Lizzie and Todd. On Saturday a middle distance race concluded the World Cup - I ran an open course in the morning as part of the O Festivalen, then watched the middle afterwards. It was a super warm day to spend out in the sun. On Sunday Chris and I both ran in the relay - he ran for the Wing men's team and me for the Wing men's 50+ team, hmmm? (we were not official).

On Sunday night Henning and Susha drove us back to Oslo, their parents provided us with a delicious dinner and then we slept over at Susha and Hennings nice place near Oslo - more nice people (-: In the morning we went into Oslo central and Chris caught the train back to Trondheim while I headed off on the next part of my summer adventure - off to Austria!


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