Waffles and skis on wheels...

Skis on top of Vassfjellet

On Sunday morning we slept in a little late (most unusual for us) so when we got up it was kind of brunch time. We have just acquired (thanks to the wonderful Laila) a waffle maker - consequently we sat down to a large steaming pile of freshly baked waffles. We are feeling most Norwegian with our waffles, rømme and jam.

After our waffles and feeling like we had done too much orienteering of late, we embarked upon a most strange and excellent journey. We managed after some effort to secure our skis in a reasonably comfortable fashion to our backpacks, we loaded our boots inside and our poles too and we set off on our bikes towards Vassfjellet, Trondheim's most well known local ski field.

Skis on wheels

We got some strange looks as we cycled in the sun through the town (some people think the ski season is well and truly over and don't even believe that there is still snow in the hills). After just over an hour riding we reached the bottom of the ski field, which has been shut for some time now. There were some young snow boarders mucking about on jumps as we skinned up the slushy snow in the warm afternoon sun.

At the bottom of the ski field

Making our way up

Nearing the top of Vassfjellet

Sunny on top

Looking out toward Trondheimsfjorden

This time last year we biked all the way up Vassfjellet and there was almost no snow on top! But this spring has been a very cold and late one. We enjoyed the view on top for a few minutes, but the crisp breeze had us taking off the skins and enjoying a cruisy descent down the slopes back to our bikes.
The snow was a little bit crusty from the wind at the top of the field

Nice snow on the lower slopes

Trees and snow

Chris enjoying his well earned downhill

The skis were reattached and we arrived back our house in the late afternoon feeling very satisfied with our bike ski bike trip... and it was time for some more waffles!


john said…
Mmm... delicious!
Kate Pedley said…
Wow - those are seriously impressive waffles!! Yum! Looks fun skiing also :)
Mark said…
When you wrote "skis on wheels", I thought you meant those ridiculous wheeled ski-training contraptions that we saw when we visited you.
Helen Palmer said…
yeah.. it's this sort of thing that should have been a warning before our "wee" bike ride yesterday!! :-D

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