New Zealand!

In February (I am a bit out of date with this post!) I took visit to New Zealand to see all my friends and family again because it has been ages since I have seen them and thought a trip to the Kiwi summer would also be a nice break from the chilly Norwegian winter. As is often the way because I was back 'home' I forgot about taking lots of photos! So I don't have so many to share, never mind, I had a wonderful time and caught up with heaps of friends while there.

Chris posted his Portugal trip up on the blog while I was hanging out in NZ. After a series of very long flights through Dubai, Bankok and Sydney it was very strange to suddenly be back home in the land where everyone speaks with a Kiwi accent! The day after I arrived back Mum and Dad were organising a club orienteering event at Halswell Quarry so I was immediately put to work helping out with that.

Later that week I headed down to Tekapo with Neroli (my sister) where she and Ash have been living over the summer. We spent some days enjoying the sunny weather, hanging out with licky Pontouffle, and even managing to take a scenic flight around Mt Cook with Ash as our pilot! (He works for Air Safaris down there).

Neroli and the 'native wildlife' (actually known as Elmo)

Me, Touffle and Neroli out for a ride
Friendly alpacas near Neroli and Ash's place

Ash flying us around Mt Cook

Nice aerial view of the braided rivers near Tekapo

Looking down the Tasman Glacier towards Mt Cook

View down into the West Coast

Mum and Dad came down and joined us in the weekend and we visited the hot pools and hung out with the alpacas (mong mong). The following week flew past, and in the weekend we headed up to Arthurs Pass with Mum and Dad, the Fornes and Sarah and Amber. 'We did the Bealy to Avalanche Peak walk on a very hot and sunny day, and had a good adventure coming down the recently named 'bird box route' - which doesn't actually involve any bird boxes, just a bit of bush bashing.

Heading up the Otira Valley in Arthurs Pass

Dad and I enjoying the view
Along the ridge to Mt Bealey

Hot on the top of Avalanche Peak

I caught up with lots of my girl friends, which was awesome and also lots of orienteering friends. On the last weekend we organised a group to head up Mt Herbet on the mountain bikes. Clare had just returned from three months in Chile, so Greig and Clare joined in the fun. It was a really hot day, so the swim and picnic after our ride was a super way to finish.

Lots of bikers and runners getting ready to head off

On our way up Mt Herbert

Mmmm, we found some berries!

Then, all too soon, on the day a little tsunami hit NZ, it was time to head back to Norway. Hopefully it won't be too long till I get to go again!


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