Randoning again

Two weekends ago I was left all alone in Trondheim, after Emily departed for a few weeks holiday back to NZ. Fortunately there have been many fun activities to entertain myself with, such as some more skiing and orienteering.

Having just bought myself some new ski-touring/randonee racing ski's I was excited to hear there was another race happening some hours drive from Trondheim. So on Friday afternoon I set off towards Høyanger with Bård and some of his friends. Høyanger, a small village beside Sogndal fjord, turned out to be a 9 hour drive away. However, other than getting a rather sore bum, this was not too bad.

Høyanger ski area. You can even see the little red hut we stayed in.

The next day was a bit cloudy, but otherwise fine for the first day of racing. This was an individual race, taking about 1.5hrs and going up and down 3 small mountains. I managed to hit some more rocks again on my new skis, but luckily I don't think I damaged them too badly. The skiing was quite exciting and challenging, especially weaving down through lots of small trees.

The following day was a 2 person teams race. I somehow managed to teamed up with a super speedy Swede, so had to race really hard not slow our team down too much.

Start and finish area

Fortunately, I had improved a bit since the previous day, and we ended up coming second only 2 minutes behind the winners. It was also super sunny that morning as you can see from the photos. Yah! Finally it was time for a quick lunch before beginning the long journey home. All and all a very enjoyable weekend.

Homeward journey


john said…
Wow...nice photos and yes delicious powder! Would love to be there for an adventure with you :)

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