World Adventure Race Champs (ARWC)

While the mornings in Trondheim become more and more frosty and the lakes frozen solid Chris has been busy in Portugal competing in the ARWC with Team Nike. It sounds like it has been a bit warmer there - but still quite cold, even for Portugal. They have been racing since Sunday, and it sounds like it has been really tough with minimal sleep and fast racing the whole time.

I have been so busy working and going to Norwegian that I haven't had much time to follow the race online - but from what I can tell it is the most difficult race to follow ever! The website is not frequently updated and no one seems to know how many points anyone has!

Apparently Nike snuck under a culvert to avoid an 'out of bounds' area - sounds like a Chris tactic to me!

Nevermind, Nike has had a few very close shaves to not miss out the 'cut offs', including one where they made it with only seconds to spare. I have been in touch with Cris, who is supporting them with his friend from Germany, Kati. Sounds like they have also had a really tough time, and he called me at 2 am in the morning after they literally pushed an extremely tired Nike out of a transition!I couldn't get to sleep for a while after that!

It sounds like they are knackered but doing really well on the points score, so we will just have to wait and see. The Kiwi's of Orion are also doing very well, but are many hours behind the 'leaders' just like Nike because they have been collecting lots of checkpoints along the way, where some teams have been skipping checkpoints so they make the cut offs more easily and can potentially collect more controls at the finish. So we'll just have to wait and see, I think it is still pretty open as to who will win at this stage! Aaron Prince is racing for Lundhags and they also have been taking a lot of controls.

You should look at Cris's blog for more live stuff - this is just a random post to let you know that I haven't forgotten about my blog! I'm really looking forward to our Christmas trip with Stu and Fiona (both of whom are actually racing in Portugal too) to a snowy winter cabin for some skiing and general relaxing - I think they will all be needing that!

I took these photos from the race website as well as I hope they don't mind me popping them on my entirely noncommercial and extremely low key blog (-:


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