After several weeks of cold rainy weather and the odd patch of snow and ice, the autumn holidays are finally upon us. Twiddling our thumbs on Friday night we eventually decided a pleasant walk in the hills was on the menu. So we called on our regular partners in crime - Helen and Ally. Unfortunately Helen was away, but with very little arm twisting (just a hint of the word whiskey) and we had persuaded Ally of the virtues of our plan.

By 3 pm we were tootling down the motorway towards Størjdal, then through Selbu and into the bomveg to Vekta. We had very sensibly decided skis would be silly.... this was an autumn trip! However, the white landscape before us suggested otherwise. Snowmobile tracks compacted the snow for the first 50 metres, then it was plodding though knee deep snow with the occasional treacherous swamp hole to watch out for.

The valley had become a winter wonderland already, the lake was frozen and everywhere was white. We trudged along as the sun sank lower on the horizon. Eventually we could see the hut, but we knew in spite of that there was a good hours walk to go - we were averaging about 1.5km per hour!

Finally we struggled in the dark up the steps of the hut - that definitely wasn't the autumnal stroll we had been anticipating! Prestøyhytta is a very cosy little number, with solar lighting, an effective drying room, a radio, a warm fire and even comfy couches! We cooked up a feast and enjoyed some whiskey and chocolate cake whilst Emily made a bad attempt at playing the guitar and Chris demonstrated the kayak roll.

Strange happenings....


A leisurely start in the morning, we had no desire to climb the 'peak' we had been planning to go up, just slogging back out took enough motivation. I dug a nice path way through the snow to the creek and we all agreed that we will have to make a return trip to the hut - next time with some skis!

Following our tracks made the outward journey much faster and it wasn't long before we were heading back to Trondheim after a very enjoyable weekend in the hills. Oh, and I have to credit Ally with almost all the pictures for this blog, they are very pretty - even if he did have to take a trinososauris with him (-:


CrispNZ said…
It sounds like it turned into a typical Chris + Emily trip, slogging through snow as the night approaches...
Emily said…
Yes, well we did ask ourselves why things always seem to end up becoming more of a mission than we planned - even when we aim for a cruisy trip! ;-)

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