Bymarka: an adventure from our front doorstep!

It was the Tuesday after we got back from our weekend spent frolicking on Storhornet in the Oppdal mountains and ski conditions in Bymarka were too good to resist. So we set out to conquer the '3 peaks' with the sun shining down upon us.

After a five minute walk from our place we hopped on the 'Skistua' bus for 15mins to reach the base of the Gråkalen skifield. Our first goal was Gråkalen, a rounded peak with a small downhill ski field on it. The powder was sooo fresh as we trudged up to the summit to admire the blob observatories on top.

We struggled back down through heavy snow and average skiing abilities, then scooted across the frozen lake and on to our next summit - Bosbergheia. This was a lumpy top and provided some beautiful views across the fjord. The trees were dripping with fresh blue snow. Unfortunately Chris and I had some debate as to which peak here was actually the summit!

So on to the final and highest point - Storheia (stor = big). We had to walk up this one because the fresh powder and steep gully proved a little challenging for duck walking. On top we admired the view and grumbled about how hungry our stomachs now were.

After a measly GU we followed a friendly and amused Norwegian man back down to join the main track and our usual ski route around the Skjellbreia.

A quick stop at the cute wee Grønlia hytta for a varmesjokolade on the way before skiing through Lian and finally back to our house. A six hour ski mission and three peaks later and we were back home for a good feed of Polarbreads.


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